The Unorthodox

When Yakov Cohen’s daughter was expelled from school, he decided to establish a parallel institution. He had no knowledge, no money, no connections and no PR but he had the strong will to take action that would allow him and other Sephardic Jews to hold their heads up high.

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The Unorthodox:
Film Review on the Hollywood Reporter

"Depicting the unlikely events surrounding the 1980s formation of a minority, Sephardic political party, The Unorthodox, which recently screened at the Israel Film Center Festival, will prove particularly entertaining for political junkies of all nationalities"

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Photography for The Raft has wrapped

The Raft begun its shooting at Malta world-renowed , and moved back to shoot on real location in Israel. It is a first time collaboration for an Israeli film to shoot a sea adventure film at the professional water facilty in Malta...

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